How Beauty Procedures Looked In The 1930s-40s [x]

This is scary

The apple face thing tho

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what a horrible CT run

Bard on our team: Lol watch me rip the aggro right off the tank after what I’m about to do…

Me: So don’t do it.

then he said I’m no fun.

Get these kids out of here, holy shit

"Like I’d go back! Are you an idiot?!"

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The Citipati or “Lords of the Cemetery” are mythological Buddhist ascetics, who were so deep in meditation, they were caught unawares by a thief and beheaded even before they knew they were dead. Symbolically, the Citipati represent the eternal dance of death, and perfect awareness. They are usually depicted as a male/female pair of skeletons intertwined in an ecstatic dance. The dance of the Citipati is commemorated twice annually in Tibet with ritual ceremony believed to ward off evil spirits. The Citipati invoked as ‘wrathful deities,’ benevolent protectors who appear as fierce beings with a demonic appearance. 

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i keep thinking about this post


i keep thinking about this post

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i think tumblr just needs a reminder of Kindergarten rules


Just a reminder within the fandoms…

dear sjws

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kharizmo said: Do you have kids of your own? o3o or are they relatives or friends kids?

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Oh my GOSH NO. Haha (no kids for me I’d probably fuck them up)

No, I’m talking about playing MMO’s. The in-game community has gone to shit, or at least it seems that way. I remember there being less drama and idiots during the Fall/Winter.

It occurred to me, that summer vacation is a thing right now.

All these goddamn stupid kids

teenagers are just awful